ClearBlues Counselling therapeutic services are designed to ensure each client benefits from a uniquely tailored, holistic and research-based approach.

Working collaboratively, we’ll explore your specific challenges and needs in an authentic, meaningful and helpful way. And, to successfully achieve your goals, we will find the communication style most suited to your needs

If you’re looking for private counselling and psychotherapy in the Newcastle area, ClearBlues Counselling offers an understanding, caring and safe environment. Clients wanting professional support with any concern can expect a discreet and confidential service, underpinned by your qualified therapist’s honest, welcoming and impartial approach. There is no issue too big or small – all experiences are valid.

At ClearBlues Counselling, it is our aim to help you discover the life you want and gain the independence to live it. By learning about your past and current self, you will be empowered to become the strongest, best version of your future self.

Clients are invited to schedule face-to-face or online appointments at a convenient time during the week and at weekends. Your initial consultation fee will be half price, with concessions available for students and pensioners.

If you have any questions about the therapies offered, please get in touch directly for more information by phone or email.


I understand that the idea of seeking counseling can be daunting.  Your upbringing,  culture or societal norms may also be causing skepticism around the possible success of therapy.

But, it isn’t only people that are experiencing problems or have had previous issues that can benefit.

Any troubles you may have could be supported by a trained, qualified and experienced therapist. Some examples of areas that therapy and counselling can help are:

◦ Dissatisfaction with life and questioning of life choices
◦ Relationship or career issues
◦ Feeling misunderstood or trapped
◦ Social anxiety or experiencing uneasiness around others
◦ Difficulty with achieving personal goals
◦ Emotional control concerns
◦ Childhood memories or situations influencing your adult life
◦ Feeling criticised by others, despite your positive behaviour

What ClearBlues clients can expect

Initial contact and consultation
Before starting therapy, in addition to finding out if I am the right therapist for you, it’s important for us to first thoroughly assess and understand your specific needs and goals. To achieve this, I offer a bespoke approach – both in English and Polish – with an initial half price session.

In collaboration, we’ll explore your issues to establish and agree the most suitable type of therapy options for you. I will extensively explain my recommendations and you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions. Together, we’ll agree on your goals, giving you a clear understanding of expected outcomes to then decide if you would like to start therapy with me.

Session duration and frequency
During your initial consultation, we’ll agree on the type, length and frequency of your therapy. Online and telephone sessions will also be covered and can be revisited later, if needed.

Clients are typically seen once a week for a 50 minute session, however your needs or other commitments might mean that you require more or less regular, or longer or shorter sessions. Sticking to regular therapy leads to achieving the best results, so clients are often seen on the same day and time each week for ease. I do however, understand this isn’t always possible in people’s  lives. I am flexible with appointments and able to fit sessions around your work, leisure or travel schedules.

Results to expect from therapy
Each client will have different goals and results, based on their individual tailored therapy. Examples of the benefits to seeking therapy may include:

◦ Building self-awareness
◦ Recognising and understanding what is causing issues in your life and determining how to meet your needs to cope
◦ Achieving a greater balance between cognition and emotions to reach your potential of mind, body and sense of self
◦ Identifying triggers to unhelpful behaviours
◦ Learning new behaviours to improve relationships and your life in general
◦ Surpassing any accepted or pre-conceived  limitations
◦ Positive goal setting
◦ Looking at life more openly and approaching challenges in better ways


1: Contact ClearBlues Counselling

To take the next steps, get in touch with me by phone or email. I may be in a session, so in addition to providing a brief overview of your concerns, please include in your message, your name, phone number and the best time to reach you. I will call you back no later than the next morning.

Alternatively, please use the online contact form 

To find out more about how I can help and my approach, please feel free to visit the About Me page.

If you need immediate assistance, please call 111 or go to your nearest A&E.

2: Initial response from ClearBlues Counselling

I’ll contact you to answer any questions you have and advise if I can help with your issue. It may be the case that the client is unsuitable (for example I do not provide therapy to clients under the age of 16).

3: Booking an initial consultation
If you would like to proceed with the next steps, I can book your initial consultation at a mutually convenient time.

Payment is required at the point of booking and no later than 24 hours. If payment is not made, the appointment will be cancelled and you will receive a reminder.

4: Appointment confirmation
Upon payment, your booking will be confirmed. I shall then share my address and mobile number with you via email, should you need to contact me ahead of your appointment.

Want to find out more? Get in touch with ClearBlues Counselling today to book your initial consultation by email or phone, << or via the online contact form.



I understand the need for flexibility is integral to our busy lives. Clients looking for counselling and psychotherapy in the Newcastle area are offered the choice of daytime, evening and weekend appointments. ClearBlues Counselling opening times, including Bank Holidays are:

Monday – Friday    7:30 am – 9:00 pm

Saturday – Sunday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm



£25 for – 50 min. Initial individual therapy assessment
£50 for – 50 min. Individual therapy session
£30 for – 50 min.  Initial couple therapy assessment
£60 for – 50 min.  Couple therapy session
£30 for –  50 min. Initial EMDR therapy assessment
£60 for –  50 min. EMDR therapy session
£80 for – 70 min. EMDR therapy session
Concessions for students and OAPs (proof required)
£20 for – 50 min. Initial individual therapy assessment
£40 for – 50 min. Individual therapy session
£25 for –  50 min. Initial EMDR therapy assessment
£50 for –  50 min. EMDR therapy session
£70 for – 70 min. EMDR therapy session

ClearBlues Counselling often has appointments available within 48 hours from your initial query. I aim to schedule you in at the earliest opportunity, at a time that is mutually convenient. You can book an appointment for your initial consultation straight away.

For more details on specific areas I can help you with, please visit the About Me page. Other problems may include:

◦ Addictions and substance misuse
◦ Anxiety: generalised anxiety problems, panic attacks, social anxiety, health anxiety
◦ Bereavement, grief and loss
◦ Career development
◦ Culture and immigration adjustments
◦ Depression: ennui, low mood, suicidal thoughts, loss of meaning in life
◦ Difficulty making decisions and choices
◦ LGBTQ+  and gender related concerns
◦ Youth behavioural and identity issues
◦ Life transitions, loss (job or loved one) and grief process
◦ Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
◦ Maladaptive ways of behaving and coping
◦ Psychological distress, pain and fatigue
◦ Relationship issues: separation and divorce, affairs and betrayals, complex family dynamics, choosing inappropriate partners, communication issues
◦ Self exploration and self development
◦ Trauma: post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), physical, verbal, and sexual abuse
◦ Workplace issues: stress, burn out, lack of work-life balance

If you’re unsure if your issue can benefit from therapy, please get in touch by phone or email for advice.

My integrative approach means that I am trained and qualified in many different areas of therapy including counselling, psychotherapy, EMDR and more. I’m therefore able to blend a variety of therapies and communication styles to best meet your needs.

If you’re confused by the best therapeutic approach to take or not sure of what it involves, please don’t worry. All therapies and recommendations will be explained and discussed in detail during the initial consultation.

The length of time needed to complete counselling and psychotherapy is unique to each individual person’s needs. Factors affecting how long therapy can take can range from a client’s state of awareness, their learning capacity, time, energy and availability to work on issues outside of regular sessions, to the complexity of the issue or additional support systems in place.

It’s also worth recognising that once you start therapy, additional issues can be identified along the way that you’d like to explore further.

I generally recommend that we review your progress after six sessions.

Yes, the discussions in counselling and psychotherapy sessions are confidential, as is the case for any notes taken. All client information held is covered by the Data Protection Act 1988 and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018, and will not be disclosed to third parties.

The only exception to your confidentiality is if you were to pose a significant danger to yourself or others, or part of a serious crime. In these instances, the relevant parties would be notified and your information disclosed if requested.

Clients requiring one session are encouraged to get in touch to enquire, as this is determined on a one-to-one basis. Your first session at ClearBlues Counselling is typically an initial consultation to explore your needs, rather than to produce any meaningful, long term benefits. Single sessions can be useful for clients who are undertaking therapy but unable to meet their regular therapist and in need of grounding work only.

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